Jane Shapiro Associates specializes in:

  • Visioning and Planning
  • Teaching
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Curriculum Design

Do you want help shaping your own personal professional mission?

  • We can help you identify your core vision and connect it to your work through a combination of coaching, reflecting, and mentoring.

Do you need a course of study or professional development for board members or staff?

  • Jane Shapiro Associates can develop a customized curriculum and learning experience. We can teach the sessions or help you find good local faculty.

Do you have an existing faculty in your school or institution who could use professional development in the areas of content- knowledge or pedagogy?

  • Jane Shapiro Associates can help work with your teachers with study sessions and reflective practice on teaching techniques.

Are you embarking on a strategic planning process?

  • Jane Shapiro Associates can help you uncover the vision that already exists in your organization and take it to the next level through dialogue and engaging discussion of Jewish texts. This leads to the next step of strategic planning. Leaders and professionals can feel the impact of why their work is so important even before they look at specific initiatives. This builds individual and group motivation.

Do you need to create a new program or initiative?

  • Jane Shapiro Associates can do vision facilitation for new programs. We can also help you refine a new project so it has greater impact. This can include writing materials, professional or faculty development sessions, marketing and recruitment, technology and social networking enhancements, teaching and program evaluation. Our associates are some of the most talented and experienced professionals currently working in the Jewish world today.