Jane Shapiro Associates provides educational expertise for Jewish organizations and emerging Jewish professionals.

Jane Shapiro Associates is founded on the premise that whatever your work is, it taps into your commitments and passions. You can find the wisdom you need to feel more confident, skillful, and inspired. We call it wisdom at work. Our pomegranate logo symbolizes the wisdom inside of you, sweetened by seeds of wisdom from Jewish tradition.

Most Jewish organizations have an educational mission: To educate the public about their work (federations, non-profits), to educate and transform people from within (schools, synagogues) or to utilize education towards the development of their lay and professional leaders. The premise of all education is that it is possible for human beings to better themselves through knowledge, and that knowledge relates directly to the cultivation of character.

Although education is implicit in Jewish organizational life, many institutions are not staffed by professionals who know how to ask the educational questions that they might need to further their work. They may also feel lacking in their own Jewish knowledge. Jane Shapiro Associates can help create authenticity by providing the customized educational support and expertise that you need.

Where do you go to find the wisdom you need?
Where do you do your work in the world?